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cyrus2courier 1.4

cyrus2courier is a nice little tool to convert a single mailbox from Cyrus-Imap into the Maildir++ format used by the Courier-Imap and Dovecot IMAP servers.

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  • MD5 (cyrus2courier-1.4.tgz) 5229d87fa4deeb9f15f57c13b94e3300

cyrus2courier 1.5-dev

People interested in converting Cyrus v2.2+ should check out cyrus2courier-1.5-dev. Please give it a try and provide feedback.

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  • support for Cyrus header versions 5, 6 and 9 (Timo Sirainen)
  • support for preserving keywords, dovecot only (Timo Sirainen)